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DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries; Digital libraries; Digital library; Digital library resources; Digital library projects; Digital library services; Digital content; Digital collections; Digital library technologies; Digital library research; Digital library management systems; Digital library standards; Electronic libraries; Virtual libraries; Digital library architecture; Digital library workflow management; Grid architecture; Personalisation; Information access; Audio-Visual media; Multimedia; Metadata capturing; User interfaces; Visualization; User requirements; Knowledge extraction; Ontologies; Vocabularies; Registries; Metadata exchange and harvesting; Digital identifiers; Digital preservation; Digital archives; Digital repositories; Digital curation; Open archives; Digital library evaluation; Testbeds; Multilingual information retrieval; XML retrieval; INEX; CLEF Cross-Language Evaluation Forum; Information discovery; Information retrieval; Semantic web; Metadata; Metadata schemas; Scholarly communication; Collaboratories; Technology transfer; International cooperation


The main site of the DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme. It contains activities, events, research and communication efforts, news, projects, documents and publications and contact information. In addition, there are links to relevant resources and news in the field of Digital Libraries.


Vittore Casarosa




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