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SMETE Funded Digital Library Student Reviews

This collection includes reviews on the National SMETE DIgital Library written by Dr. Liu's ILS 655 class.


The materials included in this collection are typically meant for general research purposes, including many topics and potentially many databases.

Economics and Labor

This collection of resources deal with topics in economics and labor.

Library Science

The materials in this collection center on library sciences, digital libraries, metadata, as well as open source and open access concepts and…


Items assigned to this topic emphasize topics of geography, sometimes of a particular region, and may include maps and georeferenced materials.


Digital Libraries hosted or created by universities. These libraries are usually larger in scope and topic, and may include databases or materials…


This collection groups together digital libraries which consider and collect information and research on mathematics.


Items selected for this collections are intended to assist educators in research, developing lesson plans, activities, and curricula. Because the…

History and Humanities

These materials feature topics of history, often local, cultures, literature, language, sociology and anthropology.


These digital libraries include, but are not limited to, topics of medicine, health nuclear energy, engineering, wildlife, space, and technology.…