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Our larger mission is to help make the full record for humanity as intellectually accessible as possible to every human being, providing information adapted to as many linguistic and cultural backgrounds as possible. Our work in the 2008-09 academic year focuses upon the three most widespread classical languages of the Mediterranean world: Greek, Latin, and Arabic. Many readers familiar with Greek and Latin do not realize that early Islamic scholars were the most advanced classicists of their time. In some cases, Greek scholarship re-entered the West through the circulation of Arabic translations and some ancient Greek works now exist only in the Arabic translations that Islamic scholars produced. This work should, however, be seen within the context of our broader mission and the more than twenty years of research that preceded it. Augmenting access to the three classical languages represents only one component, however significant, in the network of resources that will make the full human record accessible in more ways and to wider audiences than ever before. Classicists and the scholars of the Western world can only contribute to a part of this vast goal.


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