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The Earth Exploration Toolbook is a collection of computer-based Earth science activities. Each activity, or chapter, introduces one or more data sets and an analysis tool that enables users to explore some aspect of the Earth system.


A digital library of earthquake information, curricula, and resources for educators, students, and the general public. Please note, this is currently (as of 4.17.11) under construction and should not yet be considered as a full resource.

Nuclear Pathways makes information on historic and current nuclear issues more accessible and comprehensible to the public, educators, and students from middle school through graduate programs. Beginning with the Manhattan Project, the massive…

An online digital library of data, documents and images from over 50 years of exploration by Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The Fish and Wildlife Service's online digital media library provides a wide assortment of selected images, publications, video and audio clips that are in the public domain.
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